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No more guessing - We tell you the best power company for your exact usage consumption.

No more surprises - Always know how much your next electricity bill will cost you.

Have fun - Share your progress and become the greenest of your friend.

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Just think. No hassle. By constantly measuring your exact consumption paterns, you could save up to 180 € every year. We choose the best suppliers for you so you don’t have to.

No more surprises. Take control of your electricity bill.

Now that you know how much everything costs you will see yourself turning lights off and setting the washing mashine with the cheapest rate. Hey, you might even be one of those people that we can help save an aditional 15% every year.

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Become a electricity savings ninja and show your friends how it’s done. Collect bagdes and go on to the next level in savings for both your wallet and our planet.

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Connect the clamp to the electricity meter or the fuse box.

Connect energy hub to the internet using your wifi.

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